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Variations Pathétiques

VI. Prestissimo con fuoco 

Bowen Fung,  GAC#3 Rectial
College of Music
Recital Hall
April 12th.

Sonata in C-sharp Major for Alto Saxophone and Piano by Fernande Decruck (1896 – 1954) 

I. Trés modéré, expressif

II. Andante

III. Fileuse

IV. Nocturne et Final

French composer Fernande Decruck composed over forty works for the saxophone, most of which fell into obscurity after her death. In recent years, this sonata, written in 1943, has been rediscovered and frequently performed. The work consists of four-movements: the first in a classical sonata-form, a slow second movement, the third movement entitled "Fileuse" (spinning song), and a rondo-like finale. The compositional style reminds the listener of Impressionism and sometimes of Asian music, because of its pentatonic melody lines. Like a lot of pieces written at that time, it was composed for the famous pioneer of the classical saxophone in France, Marcel Mule.