©2017 by Bowen Feng. 

My teaching philosophy is to provide students with the knowledge and information for them to appreciate music and the related fine arts. I want them to be actively listening, participating and engaging through music. Whether they become music majors or not, I want them to appreciate in the arts and know that their life somehow will be touched by music. 

As an aspiring music educator, I want my students to feel motivated and inspired to learn about music, to reach their personal best. I want my students to be able to analyze music styles, apply problem solving to their playing and performance and be able to apply specific music terminology to their work. I like my students to active listeners and focus on phrases, melodic melodies and musical style.  

My goal is never to teach technique as an end in itself, but to always try to direct technical work towards a focus on musical excellence.  The more I play music, and the more I listen to great musicians, the more I see that the skills involved in making a truly beautiful phrase are much more important (and difficult) than the ability to play loud and fast!  This doesn't mean that I don't teach practical technical skills, but that I want all my students to use those skills to make interesting and passionate music. Always Music first.

For my own saxophone studio, many of my students have not necessarily chosen music as their profession but are still lifetime musicians!!